The book is intended for logistics specialists engaged in the oil and gas sector, employees of forwarding, transportation, logistic and consulting companies, as well as for companies managers operating in the oil and gas industry, who aspire to manage their subdivisions and enterprises rationally and efficiently.
Oil and gas logistics is a new area for business. In the oil and gas industry high-quality logistics is becoming critically important for company's development in the present-day environment. If you want to reduce your costs and make your business more efficient, this book is for you. I hope that it will change your approach to work, serve as your guide in your professional development and help you fulfill your present-day logistic tasks.

The book is written in plain language, not overburdened by terminology and formulae. Therefore it will be easy understandable for a wide range of readers, who are interested in the oil and gas logistics.

High-quality logistics establishment in the oil and gas sector is a very complicated process, because of many companies involved in supply chains. They engage in various industrial activities, use various operating technologies, have diversified expensive equipment and need various types of logistic services – from simple transportation by road to the complicated operations such as offshore drilling platforms supply.

You will learn from this book that the right strategy on the oil and gas logistics market, efficient supply chain management in this sector will support you both in solving current problems and prepare you for future sector-related challenges.